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Free Learning Zone Worksheet

Download our free worksheet to help you create a set of guidelines to more consistently operate in the Coachable Learning Zone of high coachability

How Can You Stay in the Coachable Learning Zone?

Highly coachable leaders work to keep themselves in the Coachable Learning Zone with the right balance of:

  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Humility

Coachability is about operating with enough confidence to learn more, and enough humbleness to want to. This takes intentional practice!

How Can You Get Back Into Your Coachable Learning Zone?

It’s helpful to start by reflecting on your personal coachable learning zone experiences. A clearer and more comprehensive picture of your leadership coachability will help you act with the right balance of confidence, curiosity, and humility.

Download our free worksheet to help you create a set of guidelines to more consistently operate in the optimal zone of high coachability.

Our Worksheet Helps You Rezone the Right Way. You’ll be prompted to reflect on:

  • Your experiences being in and out of the coachable learning zone
  • What you can do to set up guides to operate more regularly with the optimal balance
The Coachable leader

More About This Worksheet

There is an optimal balance of confidence and humility:

  • Low confidence deters being open and coachable
  • Low levels of humility (i.e., excessively high levels of confidence) limit curiosity to improve

The sweet spot of these two attributes forms the optimal learning zone: sufficient confidence to learn as well as sufficient humility to care to learn.

It’s important to step back periodically to assess whether you are consistently operating in your coachable learning zone or letting those faulty assumptions start creeping in.

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