Speaking Engagements

Kevin D. Wilde

Kevin Wilde is available to speak at conferences, companies, and private events. He can also be booked for team or individual training, coaching, and consulting sessions. Please complete the form to request more information about booking an engagement.

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Past Speaking Engagements

A sample of past speaking engagements include:

  • The ROI of Leadership Coachability: A Catalyst to Unlock Value and Impact, Future of Finance Conference, December, 2023
  • CLO PowerHour: The Power of Coachability, CLO Symposium, October, 2023
  • Building a Coachability Culture: A New Catalyst for Impact, ICF Minnesota Chapter, September, 2023
  • Coachability: The Most Important Ingredient for Coaching Success (with Jack Zenger), ATD International Conference and Expo, May 2023
  • Supercharge Your Learning for the Future of Work, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Panel, July, 2022
  • Inspiring Learners’ Spirit of Inquiry, CLO Panel, April, 2022
  • Culture Renovation: A Blueprint for Action, HR Tomorrow Conference, April, 2022
  • Coachability: The Leadership Superpower, RedTalk, Red Wing Shoe Co, April, 2022
  • Accelerating Leadership, IronHack Co Retreat, February, 2022
  • Introduction to CLO Level Leadership, Chief Learning Officer Accelerator Webinar, November, 2020
  • CLO Keynote Conversations, CLO Symposium, October, 2020
  • Do They Really Want to Learn? The Science and Practice of Coachability, Fredrickson 2020 Learning Leader Summit, August 2020

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Past Keynote Addresses

Past keynote addresses on leadership, learning and talent management conferences include:

  • Richmond Event Talent Conference 
  • Zenger Folkman Connect and Leadership Summit 
  • Masie Learning 
  • Iventiv (New York, Boston, San Francisco)
  • Chief Learning Officer Accelerator Program LIve and Digital (co-designer and faculty/coach)
  • Institute for Corporate Productivity Next Practices Now Conference
  • CLO Insights Summit
  • CLO Symposium
  • Talent Management Association Potential and Performance Summit
  • Conference Board Leadership and Talent Management Conferences
  • TLNT High Performance Workforce Summit
  • IPMI Corporate L&D Institute
  • Marcus Evans Corporate Learning & Talent Development Summit