Coachability Practices Review

CPR Assessment


Check Your Coachability

The Coachability Practices Review (CPR) is a self-assessment designed to help you assess your current level of coachability and consider opportunities for improvement. It is a valid and reliable instrument, based on research and input from executive coaches, academic studies, and leadership development professionals.


The CPR report consists of:

Your Current Coachability Practices Profile

Your self-assessment of perspective and behaviors compared to other leaders

Report Analysis and Action Plan

A simple worksheet to guide the interpretation of your profile results

Coachability in Action

A sample of strategies and tactics in each of the coachability dimensions as a resource for your action plan

You’ll also gain access to the Coachability Toolkit:

The Coachability Playbook 

24-page guide with improvement strategies, tools and worksheets

The Coachability Video Collection

Set of brief ‘how-to’ videos with improvement ideas for each coachability topic

Coachability Practices Review

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Why the Coachability Practices Review?

Coachability generally declines with career advancement and age. But, you can sustain high levels of coachability through intentional practice and routines.

The CPR is a pragmatic and holistic framework based on the practices of highly coachable and effective leaders.

How coachable are you?

Your CPR report provides a snapshot of your current level of coachability practices in five critical dimensions:

  • Valuing and signaling to others an interest in feedback and input to improve.
  • Seeking feedback proactively and regularly.
  • Responding constructively when given feedback and input from others.
  • Reflecting on feedback provided to thoughtfully consider its value.
  • Acting to improve based on valued feedback and sustaining improvement over time.

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