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The Coachable Leader

Why is it that some hardworking and skilled leaders end up derailed or plateaued below their potential?

Too many leaders develop blind spots and succumb to faulty assumptions. Keeping a strong level of coachability is a critical part of leadership that can help you to become a better overall leader. Unfortunately, coachability is often overlooked by leaders, resulting in blind spots that can lead to career derailment.


The Coachability Quest

Kevin Wilde has been on a mission to dive deeper into the science and practical application of leadership coachability. He has spent a career helping leaders grow to be their best:

  • Thirty-four year corporate career, including Chief Learning Officer, General Mills and Global Leadership Development, General Electric.
  • Executive Leadership Fellow, Univ. of Minnesota, teaching Executive MBA leadership courses and researching career derailment and leadership coachability
  • Business advisor in the talent development field, including the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) and GP Strategies/Learning Technology Group (LTG)
  • Awards include Chief Learning Officer of the Year, 2007, #1 Leadership Excellence Magazine, #1 Global Learning Elite CLO Magazine

Coachability: The Leadership Superpower

Helping you become a more coachable leader—no matter your career stage, training, or experience.

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Check Your Coachability

The Coachability Practices Review (CPR) self-assessment is designed to help you assess your current level of coachability and consider opportunities for improvement.