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Faulty Assumptions Worksheet

Download our free worksheet to help you mitigate career derailment by challenging faulty assumptions.

How Can You Challenge or Avoid Faulty Assumptions?

Evidence points to how accumulating blind spots and harboring faulty assumptions potentially court career derailment. There is a common decline in coachability as we move up in our careers, with faulty assumptions creeping into our thinking as we drift away from our coachable learning zone.

Five Faulty Assumptions

These damaging rationales surface as barriers to remaining open and coachable as you advance to higher levels:

Our Worksheet Helps You Address These Faulty Assumptions

Download our free worksheet to reflect on which of these assumptions might be keeping you from being more coachable.

You’ll be prompted to reflect on:

  • Which faulty assumptions may be part of your thinking now
  • Which assumptions might be keeping you from being more coachable
  • How you can challenge or avoid faulty assumptions
The Coachable leader

More About This Worksheet

Keeping a coachability habit increases your leadership effectiveness and career success, helping you avoid blind spots and faulty assumptions, which can stall your career or derail you completely.

This worksheet describes five common faulty assumptions and helps you identify and challenge those that may be getting in your way.

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